Alberto Peola Arte Contemporanea

The Alberto Peola Gallery is pleased to  present ‘o databàs, Perino & Vele’s fourth solo exhibition. 
Archiving means organizing, collecting, and then storing. When it comes to cultural institutions, museums, libraries and archives store objects, documents and artworks, and preserve their semiotic value, so as to pass it down to the future generations. However, in today’s society, archiving has become common practice. We all file away personal documents in virtual archives every day. Databases, clouds and servers – they all collect private files as once did photo albums and dusty paper folders. A database is not only a collection of data, but also of personal life experiences, a repository that we sometimes would like to conceal, close, and make no longer accessible. Instead, in multiple cases privacy is infringed, and confidential data are publicly disclosed without the user’s permission. 

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November 2, 2019 - January 18, 2020