Alberto Peola Arte Contemporanea

Alberto Peola Gallery presents Private Memories, the second solo exhibition of Simone Mussat Sartor (Torino, 1972).

The subject

A cycle of photographs entitled Private Memories, comprising twenty different assemblages of three snapshots – plus one consisting of four snapshots, showing three subjects in a setting and one scenery without a figure – taken with a Kodak Instamatic, a Polaroid 600 or a Polaroid Spectra, as appropriate.
The photographs, taken in the course of two years, are unique samples selected from among a series of similar photographs, all invariably showing the author’s daughters Nina, Zoe and Phoebe – today aged 17, 10 and 7.

More information
March 15 - May 18, 2019
Tuesday - Saturday (3:00 PM - 7:00 PM)
Morning by appointment