Alberto Peola Arte Contemporanea

curated by Gigliola Foschi

Observe the fragile life of things, even the most humble and neglected, carefully because they contain the history of those who have lived with them, and because they too have eyes and a voice. By releasing a dream into life one’s own artistic research itself comes to life from out of an utopian tension; thanks to empathy and a willingness to listen the past can be allowed to speak.

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May 10 - September 15, 2012

Alberto Peola Gallery is pleased to present the third solo exhibition of work by Perino & Vele: L’eccezione che conferma la regola (The exception proves the rule).
The work by Perino & Vele explores how news reports and burning social issues covered by the press are often twisted by the mass media so as to generate and disseminate stereotypes and opinions that end up becoming commonly accepted truths.

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February 23 - April 28, 2012

  • John Jurayj

curated by Ombretta Agrò Andruff

For his second solo show at Alberto Peola Gallery John Jurayj introduces three recent bodies of work, including a video, sculpture and photographic negatives on paper and calf skin. The title of the show is a quote from the final line of Gerhard Richter’s seminal 1986 interview with Benjamin Buchloch and the source material continues Jurayj’s exploration of trauma and dystopia.

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November 18, 2011 - January 28, 2012

Alberto Peola has the pleasure to present Eva Frapiccini’s first solo show in a private gallery.
For the entire duration of Museo Caneira | la fisica del possibile (Museum Caneira | the physics of the possible), the gallery is transformed into a museum dedicated to the scientist Aleksander Prus Caneira, born in Barcelona in 1928 and who disappeared under mysterious circumstances from Turin in 1991.

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September 22 - November 11, 2011

Alberto Peola Gallery is pleased to present the second exhibition of work by Gabriele Arruzzo.
The work in this exhibition grows out of the context in which it has been organised: the city of Turin, currently at the centre of the 150th anniversary celebrations of the unification of Italy. If we ask of artists to show us facts and representation from a different perspective, Arruzzo has chosen to do so by leading us into the shadier, lesser known and uncelebrated regions of that complex historical phenomenon known as the Italian Risorgimento and to refer the spectator, beginning with the title L’affossamento, to the idea of an unfinished project and revolution that in part betrayed its ideals.



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May 27 - September 10, 2011

text by Martina Corgnati

For many years Fatma Bucak (Iskenderun, Turkey, 1982) has been reinterpreting the great archetypes which belong to the origins and traditions of the Mediterranean. In her intense photographic and video work not only does she summon back to life their dramatic and narrative power in the first person, but she also causes them to intimately and subversively betray their origins so as to instil them with new possible meanings and interpretations.

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March 11 - April 30, 2011

The theme at the heart of Laura Pugno's artistic experimentation has always been her relationship with the landscape. 
For months the artist travelled high and low in Val di Susa, visiting different TAV construction sites and the venues of the 2006 winter Olympic games as they began to take shape. She was recording the lasting changes that were being carved into the territory before transferring and applying her 'stills' onto canvas, thus fixing these short-lived scenes to memory before they were immediately erased by the relentless pace of work.

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November 6, 2010 - January 29, 2011

Baudelaire: "Il me semble que je serai toujours bien là où je ne suis pas." In other words: it seems that I will always be happy where I am not; or simplified: wherever I am not is where I am myself; or, if we take the bull by the horns: anywhere out of this world. (Taken from New York Trilogy by Paul Auster) 
We have to ask the question: Where are we? Where do the photos by Sergio Gioberto and Marilena Noro transport us? Then it is impossible not to begin pondering the temporal dimension in these images that have come perhaps from a distant, mysterious past. These works probe an ancestral memory with force, but, at the same time they deliver us into a space that is awaiting discovery, an unknown but strangely familiar future archaeology.

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September 23 - October 30, 2010