Alberto Peola Arte Contemporanea

curated by Lea Mattarella

The title of the exhibition is White Noise, like Don DeLillo’s 1985 novel. It is also the title of the vast artwork that welcomes the visitors in the first room in the Peola Gallery. A Botto&Bruno artwork, no doubt – they have that special touch, that distinctive and unmistakable way of “constructing the image as if [they] were painting it” - which nevertheless looks like none of their previous works. It feels like they have widened their point of view and that what used to be in the foreground has moved away, thus multiplying the images. These latter, however, are to be discovered within this apocalyptic landscape haunted by the literary device of the toxic cloud that disrupts the life of Jack, a university professor, as well as his family and his town, where things seem to run smoothly because, year in year out, the same events repeat themselves unchanged. When Botto&Bruno sent me the picture of this painting, my eyes zoomed in to inspect every corner of this decomposing world. In so doing, I found items belonging to the world of these two artists, items coming from the landscapes of the world’s peripheries – which, as we know, look very much alike. There we find a radio and its speakers, car tyres, dismissed busses, burnt-out cars, tin houses, silos, cranes, rubble, a keyboard, piled up stones, big and small blasts, fragments of bodies of men and women, while their faces are not to be seen (hiding eyes and facial expressions from view is a typical feature of this artistic duo). Then there are the words, black and white signs used to soften or enhance tones and timbres. 

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November 4, 2017 - February 3, 2018